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3 August  Grenadian Renae Samuel makes history as 1st Granada female to graduate CIES/FIFA Master Program WIC - NEWS
10 August One Owner, Multiple Teams: Why This Trend Is Roiling World Football The Washington Post
10 August Cette pratique est devenue fréquente chez les footballeurs et ça énerve watson
11 August  Don't ban headers: teach kids to master the ball instead The University of Sydney
12 August  In turn, Ligue 1 is entering the era of extended matches News in France
23 August The Women’s World Cup is coming to an end, but the conversation must go on Nation World News
24 August  Ameobi Ezeaku Appointed General Manager Of Rangers NPFL Side Nytimes
25 August Mbappé está tasado entre 160 y 180 millones de euros 100% NOTICIAS

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