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Mon. 07 December 2015

Manchester clubs in the top four of transfer expenditure per player fielded

Issue number 127 of the Big-5 Weekly Post presents the data on the average transfer fee invested per player fielded. Four clubs stand apart: Real Madrid (30.7 million €), Manchester City (28.3), Manchester United (27.4) and Paris St-Germain (27.1).

In two other clubs only, the average transfer expenditure for player on the pitch is above 20 million €: Chelsea (21.9) and Barcelona (21.3). This figure goes down to 16.1 million € at Arsenal, 15.8 million € at Liverpool, 11.1 million € at Tottenham … and 2.5 million € for Leicester City.

On average, Bayern Munich (15.4 million €) and Juventus (14.4 million €) also spent only half per player than Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United and Paris St-Germain. This finding highlights the great discrepancies existing up to the very top of the football pyramid.

All the data is available here.

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