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Wed. 22 October 2014

Manchester United second youngest line-up in Europe

The 85th edition of the CIES Football Observatory Big-5 Weekly Post presents the data on the oldest and youngest line-ups. During the last match day, only Valencia played with footballers on average younger than Manchester United: 24.4 years compared to 24.6. This finding clearly reflects Manchester United’s strategy of squad rejuvenation for future success.

At the opposite end of the table, Manchester City fielded the third oldest line-up at big-5 league level: 29.3 years (highest figure in the English Premier League). This suggests that fresh blood is needed to maintain top level performance standards over the long term. Only Verona (31.0) and Torino (30.3) fielded more seasoned players than Manchester City.

Since 2008/09, the youngest line-up in the big-5 was fielded by Nice: 22.1 years on average against Evian on 10.05.2014. Conversely, the team having fielded the oldest line-up is Milan AC: 33.3 years against Catania on 03.05.2009.

The data on the last match day for all big-5 league clubs is available in the 85th Weekly Post. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

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