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Fri. 23 September 2011

New "FIFA Master" Scholarship for FIFA/CIES International University Network Alumni

CIES is offering a FIFA/CIES Sports Management programme alumnus the opportunity to receive a full scholarship for the 2012-2013 edition of the "FIFA Master"

This scholarship is awarded by CIES with the objective of strengthening the links between the students of the FIFA/CIES International University Network Programme and the FIFA Master. It also aims at reinforcing the feeling of belonging of the Programme alumni within the CIES community.

The Scholarship, to the amount of CHF 45,000.00 (forty-five thousand Swiss Francs), is intended to cover the registration costs for the FIFA Master as well as all or part of the living expenses (in particular accommodation, travel expenses, etc.) of the beneficiary linked to his/her participation in the FIFA Master.

The successful beneficiary will be selected on the recommendation, and at the discretion of, the FIFA Master Executive Board. Only one scholarship will be awarded each year.

Alumni from the FIFA/CIES International University Network who wish to apply for the scholarship must comply with the following requirements before submitting their application:

·         The alumnus must have successfully completed the FIFA/CIES Sports Management programme and must have been awarded the corresponding diploma/certificate (regardless of the year in which the corresponding diploma/certificate was awarded).

·         The alumnus must have met all his/her financial obligations with respect to the University where he/she was awarded the diploma/certificate.

·         The alumnus must comply with the other criteria as defined in the rules concerning the FIFA Master (see Among these rules: The alumnus must have obtained a university degree, must have an excellent command of the English language (spoken, written, comprehension) and must have professional experience.


Candidates must comply with the procedure implemented for the FIFA Master and must submit their applications within the stipulated deadlines.


Above and beyond successfully completing the FIFA Master, the beneficiary will also be required to report on his/her experience by writing articles on the academic and leisure activities of the FIFA Master during the 11 months spent in Leicester, Milan and Neuchâtel.


We wish all the Network alumni great success in their future endeavours!


Registration deadline:

20 January 2012

Scholarship rules:

For further information:



For any inquiry concerning the FIFA Master Programme in general:

Stefano Aloise,General Administrator

[email protected]



For any inquiry concerning the application form:

[email protected]


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