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Mon. 08 December 2014

Second workshop on International Federations Good Governance organised jointly by ASOIF and CIES

Following the success of the first workshop on International Federations (IFs) good governance organised in April 2013, the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) and the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) decided to team up again on 26th November 2014 to explore the same topic.


The 2013 Workshop helped the IFs to gather information on a wide range of governance issues/topics. It also provided an opportunity to learn how other federations were organized and governed.


The objective of the 2014 Workshop was to go one step further and try to determine, by consensus among IFs, which practices and regulations should be considered as good or bad governance. Mostly topics that had appeared to be controversial at the 2013 workshop were selected for scrutiny and discussion. IFs agreed on some minimum requirements.


The attendance among ASOIF Members was particularly high. This shows how much IFs care about good governance and trying to establish principles that can become a model for them. Each IF should now be in a position to discuss internally these issues with some guidance established by the IFs themselves. All of the discussions were fruitful and ASOIF and CIES express their gratitude to the IFs for their active participation. 


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