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Wed. 14 June 2023

Social media: Real ahead of Barcelona

The last CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post before the summer break presents the top 100 clubs in the world with the most followers on four social networks: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. With 362 million followers, Real Madrid is ahead its big rival Barcelona (342 million). Manchester United is the only other club with more than 200 million followers, while Paris St-Germain ranks fourth (187 million). 

Outside the five major European leagues, the top three consists of Brazil’s Flamengo (14th, 50 million), followed by Egypt’s Al-Ahly (18th, 45 million) and Turkey’s Galatasaray (17th, 40 million). The top 100 also includes clubs from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Argentina, the Netherlands, Mexico, Portugal, Iran, Tanzania, South Africa, Morocco, Colombia, Ecuador, India, the United States, Chile, Russia and Scotland. This highlights the great popularity of football clubs worldwide.

Real Madrid is the most followed club in the world on Instagram (135 million) and Facebook (117 million), while it ranks behind Barcelona on Twitter (83 million) and Paris St-Germain on TikTok (40 millions). By way of comparison, we are well below the even more exorbitant figures recorded by individual athletes, such as Cristiano Ronaldo (859 million followers, including 587 million on Instagram) and Lionel Messi (582 million, of which 468 million on Instagram).

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