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Thu. 24 June 2021

Some impressions on the education programmes of the CIES (part three)

In September 2020, five former students of the FIFA/CIES Executive Programme in SportManagement started the 21st edition of the FIFA Master at De Montfort University in Leicester (England). In this series, three of them provide us with their impressions of the education programmes offered by CIES and also their career paths in sport. Today, we meet Hossamedin Bedier, a graduate from Cairo University (CU) in Egypt.

Hossamedin Bedier is from Cairo. He studied urban planning and sustainable development at Cairo University (CU) where he graduated with honours in 2015. His first professional activities date back to his high school and bachelor years. He then worked part-time as an editor and researcher for various sports websites. Interested in this field, he decided to follow the FIFA/CIES Executive Programme at Cairo University in 2018. At the same time, Hossamedin obtained a position as a Senior Sports Specialist at Kijamii, one of the most well-known sportsmarketing agencies in the Middle East and North Africa. In this capacity, he worked for two years with Ligue 1, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, AS Roma and FC Bayern Munich, taking responsibility of Arabic-language social and digital media. Hossamedin then started a new chapter in his professional life when he seized the opportunity to cooperate with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) during the 2019 Cup of Nations in Egypt. After this rewarding experience, he joined Al Hilal SC, one of the biggest clubs in Libya. Here, he became the youngest Director of Sports Development in Africa. This role was also in the difficult postwar context of the country.

What were your first impressions of Europe?

It was always one of my dreams to study in Europe, especially in England. My father, who represents an ideal for me, studied at King's College, London. It was with great satisfaction that I followed his example and was able to train in sports management on the Old Continent. To come back to the question, my impressions of England, Italy and Switzerland are great, and definitely unforgettable.

Why did you decide to attend the FIFA Master?

I have been interested in the FIFA Master since 2013 when I first applied for the FIFA/CIESExecutive Programme in Egypt. Indeed, the FIFA Master is a worldwide success. Participating on the course is like a dream. I am very grateful to my family for their continuous support which made my decision easier. I also would like to thank the president of Al Hilal SC who encouraged me to take the plunge and apply.

Was the CU/FIFA/CIES Executive Programme useful in preparing you for this experience? In what way?

It was 100% helpful! I have always considered this Programme as a gateway to the sports industry as evidenced by the opportunity to work at Kijamii. It has allowed me to acquire a lot of new knowledge, to link my previous academic experiences - in architecture, urban planning and sustainable development - with sport management. Not to mention the many networking opportunities it provides. Thanks to these contacts, I was able to meet former FIFA Master students, among others, who finally convinced me to follow this master.

Who will be the sports manager of tomorrow, after the pandemic? What qualities will he orshe need to have?

I think that the sports manager of tomorrow will have to be open-minded. He or she will have to be interested in other fields of activity than sport in order to broaden his or her knowledgeand skills, to diversify them, to sharpen them. It will also be essential to draw on research that will provide a better understanding of the "post-pandemic" world in order to find viable solutions for the sport of tomorrow. In addition, there will need to be a break with dilettantism. Being a sport manager will mean bringing together qualities of discipline, adaptability and commitment. This will also require training. The FIFA/CIES Executive Programme and the FIFA Master will play an important role in this respect.

Once the FIFA Master is finished, what will be the next step?

My first objective is to invest more time and effort in sport in Africa and the Middle East. I would like to continue my work for Al Hilal SC while remaining open to other experiences worldwide.

A favourite sportsperson?

I give two votes to football: Mohamed Aboutrika and Gianluigi Buffon.

Where do you see yourself in the next 20 years?

The FIFA Master is a step. I want to continue to work in sport, to learn, to develop... and maybeone day I will become the CAF President?

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