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Mon. 03 November 2014

Spain: Spotlight on alumni and new students

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) awarded diplomas to the graduates of the 4th edition of the FIFA/CIES Programme in sport management (Curso Superior Universitario en gestión deportiva) organised in Spain. The ceremony organised at the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) headquarters (Ciudad del Fútbol) also welcomed the 51 students who will be participating in the 5th edition of the Programme until September 2015.

RFEF President Angel Maria Villar Llona paid tribute to the 42 new graduates and drew their attention to the need to reinvest their knowledge in management of Spanish sport: “The partnership between the RFEF, URJC and the International Centre for Sports Studies is essential. It aims to develop training for our managers while giving pride of place to national realities and international experience. And we can be proud of the results achieved. But there is still a lot to be done. So let’s keep up the good work together!”

The other speakers, URJC Vice-Chancellor Juan José Nájera and CIES General Secretary Vincent Schatzmann, emphasised the quality of the relationship between the three partners and the dynamic nature of their projects and activities.

At the end of the ceremony, the participants enjoyed a conference by Javier Lozano, the President of the Spanish National Futsal League. He referred to his personal experiences and emphasised certain aspects of sports management, from principles of leadership and teamwork to the need to develop realistic strategic plans.

All our congratulations to the graduates of the 4th edition of the FIFA/CIES Programme: Mauricio, David, Denise, María Eugenia, Jorge, Beatriz, Pau, Giacomo, Ignacio, Alberto, Javier, Ángel, Camilo, Jaime, José Francisco, Ferrán, Manuel, Gabriele, Manuel Jésus, Álvaro, Pablo, Juan Valentín, José Antonio, Ángela, Fernando Felipo, Alfonso, Silvia, José Jésus, Ignacio, Álvaro, Jorge, Alicia, José Luis, Javier, Andrés, Fernando, Marcos, Carlos, Francisco, Paula, Tania and Pablo.

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