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Wed. 02 November 2011

Sponsors of the FIFA/CIES Programme visit FIFA

The FIFA President officially welcomed the two sponsors of the FIFA/CIES Programme offered in Venezuela, during a recent event at the House of FIFA in Zurich.

Dr Ingrid Hernández Cova, President of GZ Gerencia Deportiva Internacional CA and Ing. Mario Hernández Cova, President of the professional football club, Deportivo Petare, both had the opportunity to share their views with Joseph S. Blatter on the progress of Venezuelan football and on the importance of education in sport.

GZ Gerencia Deportiva Internacional CA is the official sponsor of the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management that is jointly organised with the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas. Deportivo Petare FC, also supports the Programme in Venezuela.

The two sponsors confirmed their commitment to continue their pioneering work with the backup of CIES and FIFA. In addition, they officially invited the FIFA President to Venezuela. Any future visit from Mr Blatter to Venezuela would further strengthen the development of sport education in the country.

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