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Tue. 09 December 2014

The CIES Football Observatory unveils its exclusive approach for long-term success

The CIES Football Observatory is proud to exclusively present the approach developed to assist clubs in the quest for sustainable success. Our presentation on the 25th November 2015 in Berlin during the Sportdata and Performance Forum is now available as a free download here.

Moreover, issue number 91 of the Big-5 Weekly Post presents the results of the analysis of the ASAR ratio for clubs from the five major European championships. The ratio is obtained by dividing the average stay of players in the first team squad of their employer club (the longest, the best) with their age at recruitment (the youngest, the best).

Indeed, the analyses carried out since 2005 show a strong correlation in all countries between this ratio and the results obtained by clubs at the end of the season. It is thus not surprising to note that the five clubs that are currently at the top of the table in their respective league are also in the top 20 positions of the ASAR ranking at European level:

  • Real Madrid (2nd both at big-5 league level and Spain)
  • Juventus (7th and 1st in Italy)
  • Bayern Munich (9th and 2nd in Germany)
  • Chelsea (11th and 1st in England)
  • Marseille (19th and 2nd in France)

From an ASAR perspective, the most over-performing teams so far are Sevilla, Genoa and Valencia. Conversely, Real Sociedad, Borussia Dortmund, Everton, Cagliari and Lille clearly under-performed.

Our academic team is at the service of professional clubs to study their squads in greater detail.

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