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Tue. 22 December 2015

The End of Chapter 1

Somehow, our time here in Leicester, a time that represents one third of our total time on the International MA in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport (FIFA Master), has already come to an end! Over the past thirteen weeks we have lived and studied together in an intense but thriving environment, and we have established working and personal relationships that we can already be sure will continue long beyond our graduation in seven months’ time.

To continue from our previous report written five weeks ago, the course has continued to be both challenging and rewarding. From learning about the Birth of Modern Sport at the start of our time here at De Montfort University, the second half of the Humanities module has focused on the Internationalisation of Sport, and it is through this that the potential of sport can truly be realised.

We started this section with National Presentations from each student on their home country and sport. The fact that nearly everyone  ran over the allotted time illustrated our shared pride and passion for sport, and re-emphasised the fact that, despite our different backgrounds, we have far more in common than you would first think. Our studies throughout this module have brought to life some of the theory previously learnt and helped us to gain a fuller understanding of the reasoning behind why sport is where it is today.

After completing the Internationalisation of Sport module, we then turned our attention to Research Methods with Dr Kevin Tallec Marston, a course alumni and current CIES Research Fellow. Our programme with Kevin has helped us to prepare for the Final Project, which makes up twenty five percent of our overall mark and requires work between now and our graduation in July. To have Kevin here to guide us and provide us with feedback has been an essential part in developing our ideas thus far. We rounded off our time here with a two-week Communications course with guest speakers Professor Francesco Lurati and Tim Payton, which included elements of planning, campaigning and media relations; all of which are sure to be relevant in our future careers.

Taking part in the International MA  continues to be a privilege. Being taught by such highly esteemed guest speakers is something that reinforces how lucky we are. The fact that many of these speakers are course alumni is especially something to be proud of and can’t help but inspire us. The friendly and approachable attitude which course  alumni have continually shown throughout this course is something that we are all grateful for; we have immediately felt welcomed into a wider community.

In addition to the many positive aspects of the academic side of things, what happens outside of the classroom has proved to be of equal significance.  Early in December, we hosted the University of Liverpool’s Football Industries programme for the Barwick Cup and the entire 16th edition  class - with special alumnus guest, Alexander Staehelin - came together to host the team for a dinner (following our win, of course).

Throughout our time here in Leicester, it has become evident to us what a special group of people we are with. Every single one of the thirty-two brings something unique and beneficial to the 16th Edition team, and being able to share these  ten months with them is more than a pleasure - it’s an honour. The upcoming Christmas break will provide us all with an opportunity to reflect on the past three months and to prepare for the seven to come.  Whilst we all go off to different corners of the world to enjoy the festivities with our closest friends and family, we do so as part of a new special family.

It is with some sadness that we leave Leicester behind. Despite the everdecreasing daylight for winter, the organization and support that we have received since day one has  made it an ideal place to familiarise ourselves with the course and our classmates. On behalf of the class, we’d like to give a particular special thanks to Martin Polley, Pierre Lanfranchi and James Panter for their continued support throughout this module. It has all been hugely appreciated.

In January we will come together to move on to the next chapter in Milan at SDA Bocconi. A new university, a new country and a new module: the Management of Sport. We look forward to embracing our next  challenge.


Cameron Angus and Shalini Krishnan
Leicester Class Representatives

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