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Wed. 02 May 2012

The International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) “FIFA Master” named best postgraduate sports course provider in Europe !!!

The International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) “FIFA Master” placed 90 per cent of the students from its 2008/09 intake in permanent employment within three months of graduation.

In addition, out of the dozens of courses reviewed, the programme was also in the top four with respect to overall student satisfaction.

The FIFA Master was among the courses with the highest international student body reflecting a strong global diversity in comparison to the no 1 ranked Ohio University.

The course maybe the best in Europe but it is not just for Europeans. The SportBusiness ranking quoted a FIFA Master postgraduate: “I would say for non-Europeans the course was a stepping stone to the pan-European market.”

The “FIFA Master” was also in the top 3 for quality of course teaching and extra-curricular support.

SportBusiness asked the question if investing in a course like the FIFA Master is worthwhile? Will Lloyd, founder of GlobalSportsJobs, said: “It really depends on the individual. I’ve given lots of talks to students of these courses over the years and one of the first people I spoke to back in 2003 is now secretary-general of CAF (Confederation of African Football), Hicham El Amrani. Would Hicham have gone from one level of the industry to where he is now without the FIFA Master course? Probably not. So these postgraduate courses do open doors”. He added: “Whereas, for me, the most valuable resource of a postgraduate course like the FIFA Master is the people you meet and the alumni network. That really is something different.”

The SportBusiness International Postgraduate Sports Course Ranking 2012 is the first-ever authoritative assessment of teaching in the sector of postgraduate education catering for the business of sport. The Ranking assessed courses that were Master’s level and above, 100 per cent covering the business of sport, and have been running consecutively for more than three years.


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