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Wed. 14 November 2012

Third edition of the Network Project Award: Eight projects will compete!

CIES has received eight projects for the third edition of the FIFA / CIES International University Network Prize (the same number as in 2011). An international jury will nominate the winning work next January.

Created in 2011 at the initiative of the Universidad Católica, Argentina, the FIFA / CIES International University Network Prize aims to reward innovative and original work in the understanding of phenomena related to sports at a continental, national, regional and local level. The award consists of a trip to Switzerland to visit the headquarters of FIFA and CIES, and for the winning students to present their work to the FIFA Master class.

The eight projects selected by the CIES partner universities are:

1. Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey

Mustafa Akkaya, Emrecan Yörür

"Glocalize your League"

Improve the management and stability of some football clubs in the Turkish Premier League.


2. Cairo University, Egypt

Ahmad Al-Harmi, Ahmad Al-Thani, Hamad Al-Muhannadi, Manar Alafandi, Mohammed Al-Sulaiti, Yacoub Nase

"Amateur Football League"

Project to create a league for amateur football in Qatar.


3. Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires

Nicolás Pique, Javier Lanusse, Estefanía Bernasconi Estringue

"Akening - a high performance centre for extreme sports"

Create around Buenos Aires a high performance centre specializing in extreme sports (skateboarding, wakeboarding, bmx and surf).


4. Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar, Senegal

Adja Mariétou Diop, Alioune Badara Gueye, Steve Joshua Kacham Sina, Fama Ngom, Paul Ndekou Python Tandong

"Project on the Sports Medicine Centre - Marc Vivien Foe"

Solve the problem of medical monitoring of athletes in Senegal and the sub-region, and increase the medical coverage of the latter.


5. Universidad de Costa Rica, San José

Guillermo Solís Abarca, Ademar Arias Castro

"Promote the practice of football and "freestyle" in penitentiary centers as a means of preventing the recurrence of crime"

Encourage sport in prisons to improve the quality of life of inmates and reduce recidivism.


6. Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela

 Brenda Declerk, Daniel de Oliveira, Edgar Quintero, César F. Vásquez

"A national circuit of beach soccer"

Create a structure of formal competition for beach soccer in Venezuela.


7. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain

Sandra Ávila Tinoco, Fernando Corral Collantes, Montemor Erika Ferreira, Regina Schmidt Rio-Valle

"The debt of clubs - causes and solutions"

Present the financial situation of Spanish football clubs and suggest alternatives for more effective management and organization.


8. Universidad Santo Tomás, Santiago, Chile

Fernanda Cecilia Martinéz Cisternas, Miguel Angel Pizarro Carvallo

"Sponsorship plan for the sports and leisure ‘corporation’ of Peñalolen"

Define a new financing plan to open the private sector for the municipal sports corporation of Peñalolen currently experiencing difficulties in financing its projects.


Last year the International University Network Award 2012 was awarded to a project on strengthening links between professional clubs and their Spanish supporters (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid). A special prize was also awarded to students from Birzeit University in Ramallah (Palestine) for a project on recycling used tyres to make construction equipment for sports facilities.


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