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Wed. 17 September 2014

Transfer analysis: big-5 leagues as closed system

Nearly 72% of transfer fees invested during last transfer window by big-5 league clubs for new signings was paid to other clubs participating in the five major European championships. During the previous six seasons (from 2008/09 to 2013/14), this percentage was only about 67%. This finding shows that the biggest leagues and clubs operate in an increasingly closed system. Consequently, the redistributive power of transfers is diminishing.

The team who was able to generate the most incomes by transferring players to big-5 league clubs is Southampton (120.7 million €). The English team outranks Real Madrid (112 million €) and Chelsea (102.4 million €). The only non big-5 league clubs in the top 10 of the ranking is Porto (83.8 million €). However, a big part of transfer incomes of the Portuguese team was finally due to third-parties that held shares on the economic rights of players transferred.

Among the 46 teams that earned at least 15 million €, only six are not part of big-5 leagues: Benfica, Ajax, Sporting Lisbon, Feyenoord, Dinamo Kiev and Salzburg. More information is available in the 81st issue of the Big-5 Weekly Post.

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