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Wed. 21 February 2024

Transfer market makers and net spending

Number 452 of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post presents the 169 clubs in the world whose volume of incoming or outgoing player transactions over the last five seasons exceeded the €100 million threshold, as well as their net spending for the last ten, the last five and the last season. In terms of the volume of money exchanged, Chelsea is clearly in the lead with €2.572 billion, followed by Manchester City (€1.726) and Paris St-Germain (€1.404).

In total, 14 teams from seven countries have ’shuffled’ over a billion euros in five seasons: five from England, two from Spain, two from Germany, two from Italy, one from France, one from Portugal and one from the Netherlands. Twenty-four countries, including five outside Europe, are represented among the 169 teams whose volume of transactions exceeded €100 million, with a maximum of 30 clubs for England.

In terms of balance sheets, the values for the current season range from -€384m for Al-Hilal to +€167m for Southampton. Over the last five seasons, the figures stretch from -€782m for Chelsea to +€354m for Benfica. Finally, over the last decade, the values go from -€1.348bn for Manchester United (with only Chelsea also totalling a >€1bn deficit) to +€732m for Benfica. All the sums presented include any add-ons, regardless of their effective payment.

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