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Mon. 26 February 2024

Transfer revenue streams: global mapping

The 92nd CIES Football Observatory Monthly Report analyses from a spatial perspective the origin of the >€75 billion transfer revenues collected by clubs worldwide between 2014 and 2023. Overall, clubs have generated around two-thirds of their transfer incomes from international deals. However, this proportion varies greatly from country to country, with a minimum of 37% for English clubs and a maximum of 73% for French teams among the big-5 league associations.

Teams from only three countries other than England - among the twenty whose clubs generated the most transfer incomes during the last decade - collected less money from foreign teams than from domestic ones: China (22%), Mexico (44%) and Italy (48%). The dependence on foreign transfers is much greater for clubs in associations such as Portugal (91%), the Netherlands (90%), Belgium (87%), Brazil (86%), Argentina (83%) or Turkey (77%).

For many countries, England is the main fund provider for international transfers. Among the nine other associations whose clubs received the most indemnities between 2014 and 2023, this is notably the case for the Netherlands (38% of total transfer revenues were generated from England), France (32%), Germany (31%), Spain (30%), Portugal (30%), Belgium (25%) and Italy (14%). Brazil (Spain) and Argentina (Italy) are the only exceptions.

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