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Tue. 03 January 2012

Venezuela: conference of the Director of the National Sports Institute

The students of the first and second editions of the UNIMET/FIFA/CIES Programme recently had the opportunity to attend a conference on the new sports bill in Venezuela, organised by the Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas.

On the initiative of GZ Gerencia Deportiva Internacional, the Programme sponsor, and following an invitation from the Minister of Sports, Dr Miguel Bermudez, Director-General of the National Sports Institute and co-author of the new law, explained the full details of the bill. He also addressed the following topics: promotion and mass dissemination of sport, advantages of introducing social security for athletes, elections within sports organisations and sponsorship, insofar as Venezuelan companies are required to contribute to financing sport to the amount of 1% of their annual profit.

Following his presentation, students were able to ask Miguel Bermudez many questions, thereby showing their interest in the relations between sport and government authorities. 



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