About FIFA Master

The course combines academic theory and practical application through its teaching staff which includes university professors and specialised sporting practitioners. 


The programme aims to:

  • Deliver the best Masters level education in the area of Management, Law and Humanities of Sport.
  • Produce a new generation of managers in tune with the rapidly changing world of modern sport, who will be sufficiently flexible to adapt to change and sufficiently visionary to anticipate it.
  • Provide postgraduates with an understanding of the social and cultural aspects of sports worldwide and the management skills necessary for work in a global sports environment.
  • Advance postgraduates' skills in collaborative and independent learning.
  • Provide postgraduates with the necessary tools -network of contacts, career plan, etc.- to maximise their chances of finding work in the sports job market.


By the end of the course, the FIFA Master postgraduates will have:

  • Acquired up-to-date information on cultural, economic and legal aspects of sport in the modern world.
  • Networked within the sports industry.
  • Developed the capacity to work within a team, become self-starting and flexible.
  • Learned research skills relevant to a career in sports business administration.
  • Become aware of ethical issues and cultural persity in sport.
  • Developed management and administrative skills required for many positions in the sports industry.
  • Grasped the essentials of the legal frameworks within which the sports administrator operates.

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