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CIES Sports Intelligence

CIES Sports Intelligence is a new research and analysis team at CIES, created to respond to an increasing demand from sports organizations for independent and informed advice. Today, sports bodies are required to be more responsible than ever in carrying out their activities and in facing the challenges they are presented with.

Within this context, accurate information and data has become essential. CIES Sports Intelligence aims to deliver substantial value for stakeholders in the industry, by supplying them with detailed information to help them benchmark their organizations and specific sports, support their decision-making processes, and better orientate their strategies.

Building on more than 20 years of experience and a solid global network at CIES, the new Sports Intelligence team will help sports organizations understand how to react and adapt to the continuous changes and innovation within the industry, as well as with seizing opportunities and mitigating against the risks deriving from this ever-evolving landscape. Our benchmarking and indexing expertise will facilitate these processes as we combine qualitative and quantitative data to conduct tailored multi-dimensional comparisons.

Our clients include some of the most important sports organisations working at a global level. We have helped international federations evaluate and monitor the implementation of new regulatory frameworks at national level, benchmarked domestic competitions and sporting issues in hundreds of countries and helped to understand the governance models adopted across different regions in the world.

Our fact-based and descriptive approach allows us to analyze and interpret a wide range of different subjects, including economic, legal, governance and development issues. With services that focus on spreading new insights and knowledge, CIES Sports Intelligence aims to support stakeholders in the promotion of better governance and management of sport, and a more stable sporting environment based on informed decision-making.


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