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mer. 21 août 2019

8th International Congress on Football Law [In English only]

[In English only]

More than ten years have elapsed since the Spanish Football Association (RFEF) staged the inaugural International Congress on Football Law. Sometimes complex, the links between football and law have continued to develop rapidly ever since, making an open debate about these connections even more necessary.

It is with this desire to continue the analysis of the various issues that are inextricably linked by the Royal Spanish Football Federation’s core passions – football and law – that they have the pleasure of presenting the 8th International Congress, to be held in Madrid from 27 - 28 September 2019.

Once again, the objective of the seminar is to offer specialists and students an opportunity to discuss and reflect on current legal issues related to football. As the case during previous editions of this event - which met with great success - it will welcome top-level experts and professionals, and will also allow participants to address themes as diverse as:


·       The new CAS Anti-doping Division and the applicable procedural rules

·       CAS Jurisprudence on Football Law 2017-2019 (I)

·       FIFA Reforms on the Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players: clearing house, new regulations, and the future

·       CAS Jurisprudence on Football Law 2017-2019 (II)

·       Predictive analytics in Sport Arbitration?

·       FIFA Reforms of the Regulations for the Status and Transfer of players. The view of the community.

·      Insolvency in football: a theoretical and practical approach in the context of the CAS jurisprudence

·       TPO and TPI in football: where we stand?

·       SFT Jurisprudence on Football Law (2017-2019)

For more information :


Calle Ramón y Cajal, s/n, 28230 Las Rozas, Madrid

e-mail : [email protected]


For more information on the programme, please click HERE. 

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