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Le CIES dans les médias

lun. 13 mars 2023


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6 February Olympic Highlights 06/02/2023 Olympics
8 February Chelsea revealed as two billion euro traders in last five years of player market Daily Mail
9 February Dribbling Stats Shows How Well Arsenal’s Attack is Doing Opera News
10 February International Skiing History Association honors the best books and films of 2022 What's Up Newp
10 February It’s not just Man City. Financial football is becoming more prevalent The Business Standard
15 February São Paulo tem base mais valiosa da América; Benfica lidera no mundo Abril.com
17 February Profile of Ratu Tisha, The New Deputy Chairperson of Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) Detik.com
23 February  Kevin De Bruyne sur le podium des joueurs les plus percutants au monde Focus on Belgium

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