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The FIFA Master programme provides each postgraduate with one of the most unique and memorable experiences of a lifetime. For each of us when that year of our lives comes to an end, we all want to give something back to the programme that provided us with such a tremendous life experience.

The FIFA Master has quickly established itself as the indisputable world-class leader in postgraduate Sport Master Programmes. Equally, the former students of the master have a crucial role to play in achieving this challenging but attainable vision. Therefore, on Wednesday 9th July 2003, at the Graduation Ceremony of the 3rd edition of the FIFA Master, the official International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport Alumni Association, was born.

A unique aspect of the FIFA Master Association is diversity: the growing Alumni Association network today represents more than 600 graduates from over 120 nationalities! Our role is to harness the many business and work opportunities and foster relationships between all the generations of the master.

To make the association a highly effective network platform and organization, the FMA Committee holds annual world gatherings – being that every other year they take place at a major sporting event – in order to assemble all the alumni, conduct the FMA Congress and take collectively the decisions that will lead us in the right direction and help us grow further to reach our ultimate goal: become the number 1 sports business alumni network in the world.

To date, nine FMA World Gatherings have taken place during these major sports events all around the world. The outstanding success of these eight events has set the benchmark high for our next gathering. Lately our efforts have been focusing on connecting the alumni, through a modern and useful extranet platform, integrated to social media sites, and on "Alumni and Entrepreneurship" to encourage each member to take initiative and start companies and businesses amongst themselves

Thanks to the great initiative of a group of Brazilian Alumni, the FMA has launched the Jean-Louis Juvet Scholarship, to provide partial or full support to exceptional prospective students.

We hope the above will inspire you to apply for the FIFA Master and join our family and network. We look forward to welcoming you to FMA in the near future. 





Establishment of a functional website associated with the CIES - serving as the principle means of communication, including a directory of all graduates, an employment section, and a section for project works, with further developments still to come :

  • Creation of a Mentorship Programme where current postgraduates are matched with an Alumni member in order to provide advice, share experiences or simply to communicate on FIFA Master-related topics;
  • Representation of our Association within the Executive Committee of the FIFA Master, as an official member;
  • Lay the foundations of FMA Regional Networks, which will enable our Association in the near future to act locally much more efficiently;
  • Launch of a periodical Alumni Newsletter aimed to share sport industry information, current CIES Events, and Alumni news with both Alumni and current postgraduates;
  • Organisation of 6 Alumni World Gatherings.


  • To officially represent the graduates of the International Master (MA) in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport, bringing together all the graduates and current postgraduates;
  • To promote and reinforce contacts, mutual assistance (notably in terms of employment prospects) and information between all its members, in particular across the various editions of the International Master;
  • To promote and raise the awareness and profile of the International Master within sports organisations, on a worldwide basis;
  • To maintain an active link between its members and official bodies of the Master (Universities, CIES, FIFA, Scientific Committee and Board of the Master);
  • To serve an active role in the strategic planning of the future of the Master.



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