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Wed. 15 March 2017

Margarita Echeverría appointed as Secretary General of the Costa Rican Football Federation

After holding the office on an interim basis, Margarita Echeverría, who is the coordinator of the FIFA/CIES Executive Programme in Sports Management organised in cooperation with Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), was appointed as the Secretary-General of the Costa Rican Football Federation (FCF) at the beginning of the year.

For the new Secretary-General, it is an honour and a great source of satisfaction to take charge of such a dynamic federation. This is even more so following the impressive recent results of the national teams at both continental and international levels.

Margarita is well aware of the scope of her responsibilities: “All the issues that concern a federation are addressed by the Secretary-General. My best allies are conscientious planning and unfailing order.”

However, Margarita knows she can count on her staff, and, in particular, on a group of qualified and highly motivated directors. Among them, we can mention Diego Brenes, who is an alumnus from the FIFA/CIES Executive Programme and the “FIFA Master” (14th edition) course. Diego has been responsible for national teams since 2016. In that regard, Margarita comments: “Communication is essential. It is a prerequisite to work efficiently as a team. The success of the federation is not mine; it is the success of the organisation, of all the staff.”

In addition to her many professional activities, Margarita Echeverria will continue to stay on as CIES coordinator: “In Costa Rica, like in Central America as a whole, there are not many opportunities to be trained in sports management. The UCR/FIFA/CIES Executive Programme is an excellent option given that it covers all of the important aspects of modern sport. Its ‘mixed’ format - a combination of class time and online courses - allows students from all over the country and region to obtain appropriate training. I am proud to contribute to this ‘adventure’ ”.

The FIFA/CIES University Network send their best wishes for success to Margarita, her team and football in Costa Rica!