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Wed. 29 February 2012

Raffaele Poli, Head of the CIES Oservatory, in "Soccer & Society"

Daniel Künzler & Raffaele Poli (2012): The African footballer as visual object and figure of success: Didier Drogba and social meaning, Soccer & Society[more]

Mon. 27 February 2012


Partner of CIES since 2006, the Universidad Santo Tomás (Chile) has officially opened the enrolment period for the 5th edition of the FIFA/CIES Programme  in sport management.  Lectures will start in May 2012. The...[more]

Mon. 27 February 2012

Agents earn 400 million € per year in Europe

The CIES Football Observatory has today published a new study of football agent activity in Europe. The detailed report reveals that the yearly turnover for football intermediaries in UEFA member national associations is around...[more]

Mon. 13 February 2012

Discover new products on the CIES Observatory website !

The CIES Football Observatory's team is pleased to announce that the online database has been updated. It is now possible to consult six demographic indicators for the last five seasons in the five major European leagues,...[more]

Tue. 24 January 2012

CIES on Bloomberg media!!!

Topic:Soccer Teams Speculate More on Player Transfers, FIFA-Backed Group Finds.   This article can be accessed for free via the Blommberg website...[more]

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