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Wed. 19 December 2012

Barwick Cup

On Sunday the 9th of December the FIFA Master 13th Edition played the annual game for the Barwick Cup at the Liverpool Academy against the FIMBA (Football Industries MBA) of the Liverpool University.

Greatly supported by the rest of the class, the 13th edition-team was able to bring the Barwick Cup after an absolute thriller of a match back to Leicester. With only 5 minutes remaining, the FIMBA-team, leading with 7-5, thought they would keep the Barwick Cup for the first time since its existence in Liverpool. However just seconds before the final whistle, the 13th edition managed to score the 7-7 and won the cup after penalties (4-5). The day was a great opportunity to meet students from the FIMBA and share experiences about the courses.

We would like to thank the FIMBA again for their hospitality in Liverpool and we hope the next Barwick Cup will be a great success as well.

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