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Wed. 21 November 2012

Peru : The World Cup, host of the 2nd USMP/CIES seminar

Over a hundred people attended the second seminar organized by the Universidad San Martín de Porres (USMP) and CIES in Lima on 13 November. The main objective of the event was to present the activities of CIES and promote the first USMP / FIFA / CIES Programme in Sport Management to be held in Peru, which will begin in May 2013.

The second seminar, under the leadership of Daniel Valera, Dean of the Faculty of Administration and Human Resources at USMP, was devoted to the theme of "communication and sport." To this end, the USMP and CIES invited two distinguished speakers, namely Ana Sofia Hernández, who is Director of Communications for P&G Peru and Saint Clair Milesi, the Communications Director for the Local Organising Committee (LOC) World Cup Brazil 2014.

The presentation of Ana Sofia Hernández generated great interest as it showed how an international company, whose brands have no direct link with sport, managed to create connections with this market. The speaker traced the history of a communication campaign which highlighted mothers - consuming P & G products - and the important role they played in the different stages of the career of their children -"athletes" participating in the London Olympics 2012.

Later, St. Clair Milesi gave an exciting overview of the different aspects and challenges of communication for the World Cup, including the benefits of the organization of the event for the host country, stadium construction, choice of the mascot’s name, ticketing and media operations. He also sought to explain the division of responsibilities between the main partners of the event (FIFA, LOC, the Brazilian government, state and city guests). His presentation raised many questions among a public eager for information about the flagship competition for world football.

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