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The CIES, in cooperation with partner universities and institutions around the world, publishes research focused mainly in the areas of law, sociology, geography, history and economics of sport.

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Our last publications

Wed. 15 August 2012

NEW publication in French: CIES focuses on the links between football and integration

Neuchâtel, August 27th 2012A book based on the relationship between social integration and amateur football is out today in the collection “Savoirs sportifs” managed by the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) and...[more]

Wed. 15 August 2012

Brand new CIES Football Observatory Annual Review launched today

Neuchâtel, 20 August 2012 The seventh edition of the CIES Football Observatory Annual Review is now available. This key reference publication unveils the logics of success in the five major European leagues using a novel and...[more]

Mon. 14 May 2012

NEW CIES publication in French: LA GENÈSE DE LA COUPE DES CLUBS CHAMPIONS : Une histoire du football européen (1920-1960) par Philippe Vonnard

Info in French: L'auteur, M. Philippe Vonnard, doctorant en histoire à l’Université de Lausanne, se consacre à des travaux qui mettent en lumière les acteurs et les initiatives qui ont concouru à la mise en forme d’un espace...[more]

Tue. 24 April 2012

NEW CIES Publication in French: SPORTIVES DANS LEUR GENRE ? : Permanences et variations des constructions genrées dans les engagements coporels et sportifs

Summary in French: Les éditions Peter Lang publient un ouvrage basé sur une approche interdisciplinaire du sujet. D’un point de vue historique, le sport s’est construit sur un double système de valeurs : à la fois sur les...[more]

Thu. 22 December 2011

Raffaele Poli, Head of the CIES Football Observatory, published in Staps 94, Autumn 2011

The after career of professional football players in South Africa[more]

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