Apply to the FIFA Master

Preparing yourself

• In order to access the FIFA Master Online Application Form, you will need to create a login and password.  Before doing so, we encourage you first to read through the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and to check that you fulfil all the Criteria for Applying. Then please read the Financial Aid and the Terms and Conditions.

• Once you are sure that you can and wish to apply, then please download and carefully read the FIFA Master Online Application Guidelines.

• You will be required to provide certain supporting documentation (copies of your degree certificate, passport, etc.). You have the option of either uploading these documents (the preferred method) or sending by regular post. If you choose to upload your supporting documentation you must do so in .pdf format. To create .pdf files, we recommend that you use 'PDF Maker' (it is free) since this programme produces PDFs which are compatible with the FIFA Master Online Application form (  Also please download and read carefully the Guidelines to upload files.
Many thanks for your interest in the International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport's course.

The application deadline for the 20th edition (2019-2020) of the FIFA Master is now over.

Submitted applications will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The selection process will take around 3-4 months. 

Applications for the 20th Edition of the FIFA Master will no longer be accepted under any circumstances.

For those who would like to apply in the future, the online application form for the 21st edition (2020-2021) of the FIFA Master will be available as of October 2019.

Many thanks for your interes in our course. 

Yours in sport, 

The FIFA Master Team 

FIFA Master - International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport is organised by CIES in partnership with De Montfort University (United Kingdom), SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy) and the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland). In 2018, the FIFA Master was ranked as the No.1 course in Europe for the sixth time by the SportBusiness International global rankings.