Final Project

The Final Project is seen as an opportunity for postgraduates to conduct original research, demonstrate creativity and independent thinking, as well as to develop and defend their ideas. Working in a small research team, postgraduates develop an inter-disciplinary research project with reference to the course themes of Management, Law and the Humanities of Sport. The Final Project, which is expected to have an applicable nature to issues faced in world sport, is presented to a specially invited audience of industry and academic experts during a special conference event in Neuchâtel, the FIFA Master Conference.

Each research group produces a cohesive and comprehensive research report under the guidance of an appointed tutor. Groups have the option to propose their own research topic or often have the opportunity to select a topic that has been identified by an external sports organization as a key area they require further research and critical analysis in.

Postgraduates begin to consider possible research themes during the Leicester module and following extensive teaching in research methods as well as literary review skills. Then, groups go on with their research during the Milan and Neuchâtel modules before starting the writing and publication of their Final Project in the 4 – 6 weeks prior the end of the programme. Previous Final Projects have been implemented directly by sports organizations or by course Alumni in the sports industry.


Examples of the three last editions' Final Projects: 


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