Humanities of Sport

This module is led by academics from the International Centre for Sports History and Culture (ICSHC) at De Montfort University. Members of the ICSHC academic team have published many critically acclaimed books and articles and have presented research papers at leading universities around the world. The ICSHC also has a wide variety of specialists of the sport industry

This module covers the following topics:

Traditions and Ethics

Birth of Modern Sport

Sports and Media

The Professionalisation of Sport

Internationalisation of Sport

Research Methods


Finance** (additional introductory course)



*Communications sub-module

The Humanities of Sport module includes an intensive communication skills sub-module. Designed and developed by the Institute of Marketing and Communication Management at the University of Lugano (Switzerland), this Leicester based sub-module allows postgraduates to attend a mixture of industry expert and academic theory lectures on themes such as crisis communication, corporate communication planning, and public affairs.


 **Finance sub-module

The Humanities of Sport module includes an additional sub-module dedicated to finance. Students who have not studied accounting/economics/finance at stage can thus gain fundamental knowledge that will further help them when attending the management module in Milano.

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