What’s the best way to apply?

The only way to apply is through our Online Application Form. We recommend that you apply well in advance of the deadline rather than at the last minute to make sure that your application is well prepared and that you have all your supporting documents.

Who should I give as references?

Letters of reference are an important aspect of the application.  These are letters written by someone else who knows you very well and can testify to your academic and professional competencies.  Ideally, these should explain how and why you are a perfect candidate for the FIFA Master.  If the referee is not familiar with the FIFA Master, then you should explain the course to him/her in order for them to write the best letter for your application.      
One reference should be a professional reference, ie. from your current employer or someone who knows you well in a professional capacity, and the other should be an academic reference, ie. from someone, eg. a former professor, who can vouch for your academic capabilities and potential. If you are unable to obtain both sorts of reference, then it is acceptable to provide either two academic or two professional references.    
Your references can be in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian. References in any other language must be accompanied by a certified English translation.  The references should be as detailed as possible, ie. not just one or two lines, and in the format preferred by your referee. Your referees should provide their full contact details (telephone, e-mail address) on the reference in case we wish to contact them for further information.   
Please ask your referees to submit their reference to you – not to us - for you to then include with your application.

If I wish to send documents in paper format, how should I do this?

If you are unable to send your supporting documents electronically, then you can opt to send some or all of them by post. We strongly recommend that you send them via courier including the reference number. We do not recommend that you send your application by standard mail due to the very long delivery periods from certain countries and the fact that you have no "guarantee" that your application has arrived. So long as your documents arrive at the CIES on or before the deadline date, then your application will be considered complete.


Copies of your application will not be made for any other purpose than the selection procedure. Your application becomes the confidential property of the CIES and is not returnable.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for the 25th Edition (2024-2025) of the FIFA Master is now over.

Submitted applications will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The selection process will take around 3-4 months.

Applications for the 25th Edition of the FIFA Master will no longer be accepted under any circumstances.

For those of you who would like to apply in the future, the online application form for the next edition of the FIFA Master will be available as of early October 2024.

Many thanks for your interest in our course.

Yours in sport,
The FIFA Master Team

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