How much does the FIFA Master cost?

The course fees are CHF 25'000.-. These fees cover all tuition and course material. We estimate that you should allow at least another CHF 20'000.- (around CHF 2'000.- per calendar month of study) for living costs, food, local transport, etc. In Switzerland, you may be asked to "prove" that you have sufficient funds. Please do think carefully, therefore, and be sure that you have sufficient funds for the full duration of your stay (estimated CHF 45'000 - 55'000 in total).

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What do I have to pay, and when?

If you are accepted on to the programme, we ask for full payment of the course fees within 20 working days of receipt of acceptance. The reason for such a tight deadline is that we limit the number of places to a maximum of 30 paying students each year. Consequently, we need to know as early as possible whether or not you accept our offer, and in the event that you do not, then we can offer the place to another interested candidate.

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Can I pay in instalments?

No. The full course fees of CHF 25'000 must be paid within 20 working days of receipt of notification of acceptance on the course. The course fees, once paid, are not refundable.

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Are there any scholarships or loans available?

Please see Financial Aid.

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If I pay the course fees and am then unable to join the course, or change my mind about doing the course at a later date, will I be reimbursed the CHF 25'000?

No. The reason is that, by accepting your place, you have effectively blocked one spot on the course. Once we have the full contingent of students, and even before in certain cases, all other applicants are rejected. Consequently, if you were to withdraw later on, it would be impossible to offer your place to another candidate.

Category: Fees & Funding

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