Where do graduates work?

FIFA Master graduates are working in international organisations (federations or other sports-related associations), international federations, national federations, leagues, clubs, sports marketing companies, sports consulting companies, sports law firms, local organising committees, etc. Around 90% of graduates are currently employed in sport.

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What help will I be given with my future career?

The success of your future career will depend on two main sources:

  • the assistance given by the CIES, provided through its network of contacts with sports organisations around the world, a network which is constantly growing and being strengthened. The FIFA Master is an ideal "forum" for meeting top sports practitioners all year long, and one of the roles of the CIES' Development Officer is to offer personalised support, guidance, and advice for your future career, as well as to communicate and co-ordinate all opportunities for training courses and permanent employment opportunities.
  • your own initiatives and pro-activity with regards to your professional future, in constant liaison with the CIES.

You should note, however, that international work mobility often depends on nationality, and if you require a work permit for a certain country, the company wishing to recruit you must be prepared and able to process a work permit application for you. If you are interested in working in a particular country, you should check out what the requirements are for someone with your nationality to work there. For working in Europe, the European Union member states give almost exclusive preference to nationals of their own country or nationals or other European member states first and foremost. More information on working in Europe can be found on: www.europa.eu.int/eures/home.jsp.

Category: Your Future Career

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