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Wed. 28 November 2012

Symposium on: The other face of supporterism: self-regulation, collective mobilization and social movements

Today, there are countless publications devoted to supporters. However, if the question was mainly addressed in terms of disturbance and violence, studies on the modes of organization and functionality of groups that drive...[more]

Wed. 28 November 2012

First results of Buenos Aires Seminar

In April this year, more than 60 representatives of the FIFA / CIES partner universities, including Directors, FIFA / CIES Programme Coordinators and CIES academic coordinators met in Buenos Aires to take stock of the activities...[more]

Fri. 23 November 2012

Let's hear from Mario Hernández Cova

We continue our series of interviews devoted to those who – behind the scenes – play an important role in the development of the FIFA/CIES International University Network and the implementation of its activities. [more]

Thu. 22 November 2012

FIFA Master Field Visits

Organised by the Centre International d’Etude du Sport (CIES) and endorsed by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the FIFA Master has over a decade of experience in educating and promoting the...[more]

Wed. 21 November 2012

Interview of Bertrand Reeb, CIES President

1.      Can you first tell us about yourself and your career path? I’m 68, I’m married and I have one son, Matthieu, who is currently CAS General Secretary. I studied law in Switzerland and then abroad....[more]




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Fri. 19 July 2024


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