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The CIES, in cooperation with partner universities and institutions around the world, publishes research focused mainly in the areas of law, sociology, geography, history and economics of sport.

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Our last publications

Wed. 09 January 2019

“A friendly business?” – Publication of CIES’ new book edited by author and journalist Steve Menary on the issue of friendlies in the globalised football era.

The International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES) is pleased to announce the publication of the Steve Menary’s book “A friendly business? A critical evaluation of the globalisation and commercialisaton of the preseason friendly”,...[more]

Thu. 27 September 2018

En marge des grands – Parution du dernier ouvrage dédié à l’histoire et aux enjeux du football en Belgique et en Suisse [French only]

Le Centre International d’Etude du Sport (CIES) a le plaisir d’annoncer la parution du livre « En marge des grands: le football en Belgique et en Suisse » aux Editions Peter Lang. L’ouvrage de 225 pages, édité par Thomas...[more]

Mon. 12 February 2018

CIES publishes its third governance research project focusing on professional players and the labour-management relationship in world football

Tallec Marston, Kevin, Boillat, Camille and Roitman, Fernando. Governance relationships in football between management and labour – Players, Clubs, Leagues and National Associations. Neuchâtel: CIES, 2017. Pp. 176. Building on...[more]

Mon. 08 January 2018

The “Manipulation of Sport Competitions”: new publication from the International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES)

As 2016 saw two major global sports events take place with Euro 2016 and the Summer Olympic Games, CIES organised an ambitious symposium to mark its 20th anniversary. The theme for this special event was ’The Manipulation of...[more]

Tue. 04 October 2016

“The Balotelli Generation”: New book from the International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES)

The International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) is pleased to announce the publishing of the 205-page book “The Balotelli generation. Issues of Inclusion and Belonging in Italian Football and Society”, which is authored by...[more]

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